Handcrafted Soaps  by  Jenndott

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Why Handmade Soaps

Cold process soap retains all the natural glycerin in the soap, unlike most commercial bars.   Glycerin is a natural emollient that dramatically boosts lather and provides a milder soap that is gentler to the skin.   Glycerin is removed from commercial bars since it is a valuable chemical in its own right - more valuable than the soap.

Many commercial “soaps” are actually detergent bars - they are based on synthetic detergents instead of all natural ingredients.   Synthetics can be harsher to your skin than natural soap, especially without the natural glycerin.

Cold process soap is formulated for you.   A balanced combination of coconut, palm & olive oil produces a superior soap.   Coconut oil gives a superior lather, palm oil makes for a harder, longer lasting bar and olive oil is an especially mild and skin nourishing component.   Superior performance costs more.

Our hand-crafted soap is an all-vegetable soap, free of animal products and without animal testing.

Most people who are allergic to soaps and detergents are actually allergic to the colorants and/or the synthetic fragrances.

Our colors and fragrances are selected from herbs, natural or high tech synthetic pigments, essential oils steam-distilled from herbs, and high quality fragrance oils.

We personally make our soap.   Hand-crafting each bar, watching and assuring the quality of starting materials and finished products.   We age our soaps for almost a full month before we consider them ready to sell and use.   This assures the quality and mildness we have designed into our product.

Our name and reputation are part of our product.   If you should have a problem with our hand-crafted soap, we are here; not a nameless, faceless cog in a huge corporation.   We are proud of our soap and happy to please our customers.